Pilates in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl


Our Pilates is NOT just an exercise, it is a personal movement journey!

Whether dealing with an injury, or back pain,  looking to improve your tennis, golf or pickelball game, or simply seeking ways to improving your overall strength & conditioning, 

Pilates is perfect for you.

Pilates works to strengthen and lengthen the muscles while keeping the joints safe 

With consistent practice, you’ll notice you are stronger and more flexible.  Clients report their joints aren’t as stiff and achy as they once were and they’re able to move in their daily life more easily.

Our Pilates classes will help you heal, strengthen and bring balance to your body.  We intend for you to leave each class feeling revived, and aligned.  


Pilates is a type of exercise designed to strengthen, tone, and stretch your body, while also calming your mind. The exercises may look simple but when done correctly each movement is designed to take a great deal of precision and control. There is a great emphasis on mindfulness and technique with each movement when done with the guidance of a professional Pilates instructor.  The movements can benefit individual of any age or physical ability and can have a tremendous impact on posture, and general well-being. 


The pilates equipment

the Pilates reformer

The reaction when people first see a Pilates reformer is usually “hummm wow.?”  However, after they participate in a session they say “WOW AMAZING!”  

The reformer is a bed-like piece of equipment with a foot bar at one end and a shoulder block at the other end.  The reformer rolls back and forth with a set of springs.  The springs and pully system is the magic key, it allows overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  Exercising on the reformer is a safe and effective way to work on balance and strengthening your personal goals.


Most of us spend our days in an upright position and therefore we need to exercise upright. The fantastic CoreAlign encourages healthy movement, correct posture and body mechanics while standing.

pilates for scoliosis & Posture Correction


  • Pilates exercises place an emphasis on core strength.  Our core is the center of our body and a strong balanced core helps stabilize a scoliosis posture and maintains a healthy back. 
  •  Pilates exercises focus on lengthening the spine (grow taller).  Scoliosis spines are often in a “C” or “S” pattern and are compressed on one or both sides.  Lengthening the back and core muscles is essential for a scoliosis spine.  
  • Pilates exercises are performed with the pelvis in the optimal position. This position varies depending on your curve and body.  
  • In reality, Pilates is not only working the core.  Our entire body is becoming stronger, more flexible, and well-balanced during a Pilates class.  Strong bodies help stabilize scoliosis.
  • Along with our body, Pilates reduces stress by encouraging mindful movements.  
  • With the movements occurring in the best body alignment, the exercises don’t take a toll on your body.  Pilates movements tend to be smooth and flowing

Ponte Vedra Pilates Instructors

Meet Natalie Miller, an experienced Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) who has been working in outpatient rehabilitation and geriatrics for more than 20 years. She obtained her degree from Central Florida College.

Natalie has a unique background as a former gymnast and competitive gymnastics coach. This background has helped her bring creativity into her practice, especially when it comes to Pilates. She finds creative ways to help people build strength, stability, and mobility using Pilates exercises. Natalie understands the specific challenges faced by clients with scoliosis, hypermobility, and gymnastics injuries.  

Natalie has achieved certifications in Pilates balance body reformer Certified 1 and 2, and she is currently working towards a certification in ScolioPilates. These accomplishments show her dedication to continuously improving her skills and providing the best care possible.

In her personal life, Natalie recently married her wonderful husband, Don. She also has two stepchildren who attend school in Jax Beach. When she’s not working, Natalie enjoys traveling, refurbishing furniture, running, and spending quality time with her family. What sets Natalie apart is her strong passion for helping her clients. She is most passionate about educating young people with scoliosis on the importance of developing a strengthening program early in life. She also encourages her “mature” clients to keep moving forward safely and with less pain.  Above all, Natalie aims to ease the discomfort and pain of anyone who comes to her for help.

Mary Anne began her journey in mind-body therapeutics over 27 years ago.  She worked with senior yoga teachers including Aadil Palkhivala  the founder of Purna Yoga; and senior Iyengar teacher Jehanghir Palkhivala of Mumbai, India 
Mary Anne is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Her therapeutic knowledge includes hatha yoga with use of all yoga props including the Great Wall of Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Mary Anne also teaches instructors how to use of the yoga wall therapeutics.

Concurrent with her yoga studies, Mary Anne began therapeutic Pilates training in 1998 with Polestar Education founders Elizabeth Larkam and Brent Andersen. She became a Polestar Graduate in Post-Rehabilitation in 2001 and has continued her advanced Pilates studies with Dr. Andersen and other senior Polestar Pilates instructors.

Mary Anne is married and has 4 grand babies all under the age of 6.  In her free time, Mary Anne, enjoys walks in nature, creative writing and traveling.

Catherine is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Roanoke College, where she played collegiate tennis for all 4 years, and her Associate of Science Physical Therapy Assistant degree from Florida State College of Jacksonville. She has a passion for being active and helping her patients reach their fullest potential. Before joining Scoliosis PT Jax, she worked for an outpatient clinic that utilizes flexibility, and light muscle strengthening, as well as manual techniques to restore function and improve the quality of life for patients of all ages.

Catherine has grown up playing tennis and taught at various clubs around the Jacksonville area. Teaching tennis Catherine learned how to provide a motivating, and enjoyable environment for all of her various skill-level athletes.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, playing tennis, and walking her dog. You can also catch Catherine cheering on her husband on the golf course.

pilates Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates will strengthen and tone your entire body.  The pilates exercises are mindful and therefore,  pilates can help decrease stress and anxiety.

Yes! Pilates teaches good spinal alignment, postural awareness, improves flexibility and strengthens your core.  All together this helps improve your posture. 

We are located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, by the shops of Sawgrass Village.  Our address is:

13000 Sawgrass Village Cir, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Simply do a quick Google search to find a Pilates studio closest to you. Our Pilates studio is located at:

13000 Sawgrass Village Cir, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

The cost varies from $45-$90 per session depending on the package.  We do offer new member specials, so contact us for more information.

Yes! We are a small boutique studio and offer private, duets and small group sessions(no more than 4 people).  

We encourage all beginners to start with 2 private sessions to become familiar with the equipment and new movements in pilates.  With the privates we are able to design the session to meet your exact needs.

We are located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, by the shops of Sawgrass Village.  Our address is:

13000 Sawgrass Village Cir, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082