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The Schroth Method is a highly specific therapy approach for scoliosis patients in Jacksonville.Scoliosis is a complex condition that affects every individual’s health and medical history differently.  Using the Schroth Method, a trained Physical therapist can accurately assess, analyze, and design a treatment plan specifically for your scoliosis lifestyle.  

At Scoliosis PT Jax, you and your scoliosis are the main focus. Donne will spend time reviewing your x-rays in order to develop the best treatment plan for you.  In the area of scoliosis there is a great deal of research and Schroth is becoming one of the fastest-growing, nationally recognized leaders in conservative, non surgical scoliosis treatment.  Fortunately,  Jacksonville has one of the only scoliosis specific physical therapy clinics for adults and children.

benefits of scoliosis pt jax

  • We help develop deep inner postural muscles that can become overstretched and under used in scoliosis clients.
  • We give one on one time with a Schroth certified Physical Therapist – the program is highly personalized to fit your curvature
  • We coach and train with various tools to help you visualize the corrections
  • We teach you correct posture beginning with the pelvis corrections. We take steps to educated clients on their specific imbalances and initiate corrections that are required to maintain the posture.
  • We provide a detailed Home Exercise Program along with ways to integrate this method into your daily life
  • Lifestyle is key to stopping curve progression

to give you an idea what schroth exercise look like, here are few examples.


Look no further. Donne Ordile has been in this industry since the 90s and she is  currently a level C1 BSPTS (Schroth-Barcelona Institute) Certified Physical Therapist.

After a scoliosis diagnosis is made a doctor may classify your scoliosis based on its severity. Mild scoliosis is less than 20 degrees, moderate is between 20 and 50 degrees and severe is more than 50 degrees. At Scoliosis PT Jax, we help children and adults of all ages and in any stage. Treatment is determined according to the severity of the curve. The Schroth Method is backed by research and can improve your everyday life. Please contact us at the Jacksonville location and let us create a specialized treatment for you.

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Treatment for scoliosis usually includes one of the following options: 1) wait and see what happens 2) scoliosis brace, 3) surgery, and 4) physical therapy.  

The treatment plan for scoliosis  dependents on several variables including the degree of the curve, measured by the cobb angle,  amount of rotation, and age of the person.  

Fortunately, the benefits of physical therapy on scoliosis are evident in all stages of the scoliosis treatment, with small curves, large curves, pre surgery, post surgery and during brace treatments.  A scoliosis PT treatment program is not a one-size-fits-all program. 

The exercises are designed to match each individual’s curve pattern.  Many of today’s scoliosis treatment methods evolved from techniques developed in the late 1800’s in Europe, however, not all physical therapists are trained in scoliosis care.  

For the best results in scoliosis treatment find a therapist trained in Posture Specific Scoliosis Exercises, including the Schroth Method (learn more about the Schroth method here) A trained PT can treat pain associated with scoliosis, work on posture stabilization, increase range of motion and improve breathing among other benefits.


It is possible to manage your scoliosis back pain with physical therapy, however therapy is not an instant fix.  The key to managing scoliosis pain begins with commitment and dedication to the  program.  

Begin by finding a certified scoliosis therapist who will develop a treatment program.  A solid understanding of your scoliosis curve is essential for the client to perform the exercises correctly and to align their body in a three dimensional manner.   

The clients  job is to practice the exercises as prescribed by the PT.  At each follow up visit the PT will modify the program depending on the results. Most PT’s provide a treatment plan that can become part of your daily routine. Patients are encouraged to stay active, to play sports, and seek out additional physical activities.

Many individuals with scoliosis tend to focus on the physical transformation of their body with physical therapy. It is key to remember that every person is different and some will see results faster than others.  

Since scoliosis PT works to elongate and derotate the curve, one of  the main goals is to  prevent collapse or further progression of the curve.  

Additionally, physical therapy for scoliosis can prevent or resolve pain in the back, neck, shoulder and hips. Not all individuals participating in scoliosis PT will notice improvements in their spine, however, the strength they can improve overall postural alignment which can have  a multitude of health benefits. 


For exact exercises it is best to consult with a scoliosis physical therapist. No two individuals with scoliosis are alike and each person should seek an individualized treatment program.  In addition to physical therapy, it is important for individuals to maintain an active lifestyle with  activities including: walking, jogging, or swimming.  

It is essential to understand that not all activities are good for a scoliosis spine and can in fact be harmful. Yoga or pilates poses with extreme flexion and rotation should be avoided for most individuals with scoliosis. Consult with a Scroth therapist to find out which exercises you should or should not be doing..

If you are in search of a physical therapist dedicated to scoliosis patients, look no further. At Scoliosis PT Jax, we are clinically trained in the Schroth Method, one of the oldest and most proven scoliosis treatments. Our practice specializes in individual one on one therapy for patients with posture disorders including scoliosis, kyphosis and pectus. We focus on improving our patients’ well being physically and mentally.

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