Looking for Scoliosis Safe Exercises?


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a type of exercise designed to strengthen, tone, and stretch your body, while also calming your mind. The exercises may look simple but when done correctly each movement is designed to take a great deal of precision and control. There is a great emphasis on mindfulness and technique with each movement when done with the guidance of a  professional scoliosis Pilates instructor.  The movements can benefit scoliosis since there is a tremendous impact on posture, and general well-being. 

Pilates and Scoliosis

  • Pilates exercises place an emphasis on core strength.  Our core is the center of our body and a strong balanced core helps stabilize a scoliosis posture and maintains a healthy back. 

  •  Pilates exercises focus on lengthening the spine (grow taller).  Scoliosis spines are often in a “C” or “S” pattern and are compressed on one or both sides.  Lengthening the back and core muscles is essential for a scoliosis spine.  

  • Pilates exercises are performed with the pelvis in the optimal position. This position varies depending on your curve and body.  

  • In reality, Pilates is not only working the core.  Our entire body is becoming stronger, more flexible, and well-balanced during a Pilates class.  Strong bodies help stabilize scoliosis.

  • Along with our body, Pilates reduces stress by encouraging mindful movements.  

  • With the movements occurring in the best body alignment, the exercises don’t take a toll on your body.  Pilates movements tend to be smooth and flowing

Pilates Equipment

Pilates Reformer

The reaction when people first see a Pilates reformer is usually “hummm wow” and then they participate in a class and they say “WOW AMAZING”

The reformer is a bed-like piece of equipment with a foot bar at one end and a shoulder block at the other end. The reformer rolls back and forth with a set of springs. The springs and pulley system is the magic key, it allows overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Exercising on the reformer is a safe and effective way to work on balance and strengthening your back for scoliosis.

Pilates Reformer


Pilates Chair

Don’t be fooled by its smaller size and simplicity. The Pilates chair is used in just about every position including standing, lying down, kneeling, and more. The benefits of lengthening and strengthening the body are endless using the chair. With Scoliosis the chair allows for additional feedback into the areas of the back that need extra support.


Most of us spend our days in an upright position and therefore we need to exercise upright.  The fantastic CoreAlign encourages healthy movement, correct posture, and body mechanics while standing.