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Why Work With Scoliosis PT Jax?

My name is Donné Ordile, owner of ScoliosisPTJax.  I received my Master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1999 from the Medical College of Georgia.  I am currently a level C1 BSPTS (Schroth-Barcelona Institute) Certified Physical Therapist.  I am passionate about guiding individuals with scoliosis to increase their four S ‘s 

  • 1. increase in strength
  • 2. grow stronger
  • 3. stand straighter
  • 4. increase self-confidence.
  • The final outcome includes living a pain-free and active life. This journey begins at ScoliosisPTJax! schedule a free discovery visit to determine is the Schroth method is right for you.

I would be honored to guide you, or your loved one, to rise above your spine or posture challenges.

Schroth exercises including long hanging promote elongation and facilitate the derotation of the spine for adults, teens, and kids.

How I am different from a traditional Physical Therapist?

  • I ONLY see clients with posture disorders
  • I ONLY see 1 client at a time and dedicate the entire session to you
  • I begin with a thorough review your x-rays, determine the Cobb Angle & Rotation and explain what these measurements mean for your curve
  • I have a very hands-on approach to Physical Therapy and I KNOW I can change your life

My aim is to get you back to the things you enjoy, decrease pain, halt curve progression, and prevent surgery.

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